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Conversationnel's client

E2C, “École de la deuxième chance” in french is kind of a school for young people that are lost in their academic parcours. They propose a programm that includes a bit of upgrade in french, mathematic and school subjects but also a lot of internships in differents trades. It helps this young students to learn what they would like to do for a leaving, and some training in their trade chosen.  


At Conversationnel Agency, we helped them broadcast their program on social networks with a graphic charter and an editorial calendar. We also did an interview operation to give visibility to their students. They talk about the program, their background and also their internships. 


For this operation, I had to think about the scenes to be filmed, the motion design intentions in the graphic charter, and the storyboard. After that, I had to go film in one of their schools. Then, the bulk of the work was to rush the film and edit the interview. Finally put it all together and do some motion design for the intro, outro and also the questions and subtitles. I made five videos like this. Click the button below to see which ones have been published. 

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